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Drive traffic to your restaurant with our Restaurant Signs

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Restaurant sign is a great way to entice potential customers and communicate with your existing consumers.  Whether you are promoting your new menu, implementing safety in the kitchen, or attracting potential customers from outside your restaurant, restaurant signage is what you need. You might have seen whiteboards and chalkboards placed outdoors and indoors of a restaurant. These signboards are easy to update daily, making them a perfect choice for displaying new addition in the menu or attractive discounts.


Apart from restaurant signs, we offer window signs, shop front signs, and more. Promotional signs make it easy to create an attractive ad or message that can be changed or relocated as you want. Gorilla Signs offer restaurant signs with permanent messages or options to be updated daily. We offer a variety of restaurant signs that can be used for advertising, promoting, and enticing customers.


Buy Affordable Restaurant Signs

Not only used as an outdoor advertising tool, but the signage board is also necessary for regulatory signs, including restroom signs, store hours, handwashing signage, and other indoor restaurant signs. Gorilla Signs offer excellent signage choices for your restaurant menus, branding and decor, temporary displays and much more. We have helped over hundreds of restaurants in providing them with the best signboard for their restaurant. 

Types of Restaurant Signs Available with Us

Clear Decals 

We offer clear window decals made from adhesive vinyl. These signs are used in displaying store hours, promotions, and logos for displaying on restaurant windows, doors and other glass surfaces.

Perforated Decals

Our perforated decals are made from vinyl that is covered in micro punctures and allows one-way visibility. These signboards are perfect for images used on storefront branding and full-window advertisements.

Static Clings 

If you are looking for vinyl signs which can adhere to any window, choose our static clings.

Vinyl Banners 

Gorilla Signs offers a wide selection of banner sizes for your restaurant. Our vinyl banners are great for your restaurant’s grand openings, events, and catering services.


Aluminum is hand down one of the most durable signboards, ideal for indoors and outdoors. These are best for professional-looking logos, wall-mounted menus, and regulatory or property signs for all types of formal restaurants.

Interior and Exterior Restaurant Signs

Interior Restaurant Signage, like menu signs, which are required to change on a monthly or quarterly basis. Restaurants can also use interior signage for branding purposes, like displaying the restaurant’s logo on vinyl wall graphics, or large-format posters. Interior signs are professionally designed and can help instil trust in your customers. Book your consultation today and choose the best interior signboard for your restaurant.


Outdoor or Exterior Restaurant signs are a great way to increase traffic and generate sales. These types of signs include coroplast signs near busy intersections, yard signs, etc. Other popular exterior options include banners, feather flags, wall-mounted signs, sandwich boards and branded window decals.


Gorilla Signs Parramatta offers custom signs and signage for your restaurants. We offer an array of indoor and outdoor sign options. You can customize your restaurant sign from our templates or personalize it with your own design.

Drive traffic to your restaurant with Gorilla Signs custom restaurant signs. Connect with us today.



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